Friday, March 26, 2010


I couldn't agree more but coming up with a band's name that goes like Taxi Taxi is like giving limits to yourself cos you're awaiting some stupid pop.
But you have to forgive them....they're Swedish and they make even great music.
Their first songs which appeared on My Space (where else?) didn't only got the attention from the big public, but from artists as well.
And so it happened that their debut EP got produced by Björn Yttling from Peter, Björn and John (the lads who scored a monster hit with "Young Folks").
But there was more, their debutalbum "Still standing at your back door" got released by Rumracket in their own country, the label that is owned by Efterklang, while Fierce Panda released it outside Sweden.
Yesterday, we got the first performance from these Swedish twins over here.
Miriam and Johanna are both in their late teens and that's what they sing about : the rise and fall of a teen.
Even if they were pretty nervous from the early start, it looked like the audience where giving them the benefit of the doubt.
It was clear that from the very first minutes that Taxi Taxi would be a band who are largely dominated by the angelic voices of the twins.
Musically it was all quite minimalistic even if they got joined by two guest musicians.
A song like "Ripest fruit" was quite close like Beirut and the single "Old big trees" would have fit well on Björk's "Debut". A description like a minimalistic Fleetwood Mac for dark souls would be not that bad I guess.
Anyway, after 40 minutes the fun was over and even if the visit was a rather short one, it was still worth it!

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