Monday, March 1, 2010


From some bands you just don't understand why the alternative press starts hyping them, and Why? is such a band.
Why? is a band based around Yoni Wolf, an artist who is also known under the names Hymie's Basement and clouddead. Whereas his first recordings were hip-hop, Yoni decided to seek the path of lo-fi indie and the previous album "Alopecia" was what you call a pressdarling.
This album has been recorded at the same time as "Alopecia" was being made and it's damn difficult to give this cd a full listening without yawning.
Even the explanation about the title from the cd is so far searched (it's because eskimos seem to have around 100 words to describe snow) that you tend to think : this is forced art for the sake of being hip....
It's all nice lo-fi indiepop with a light electronic touch (therefore it's a Tomlab-release) but I can't escape the feeling that this is nothing more than a thirdrate Sparklehorse/Swell kind of thing.
Okay is the word, but if it'll be played more than twice I'll be surprised then!!!

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