Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Reviewing a cd by Charlotte Gainsbourg is for me an almost impossible task, especially if you want me to stay objective. You see, Serge Gainsbourg always used to be my big hero and I followed the career from his daughter step by step, even forgiving her the minor things. To say it in other words : even if she was reading a telephone book I think i'd give her my credits.
But it was a bit of a letdown to discover that her third album ("5.55" is not her first album as dumb journalists write, "Charlotte Forever" was her 1st one) was produced by Beck. I never loved Beck that much and I guess everyone will admit it, even his diehardfans, that his best days are already belong to the past.
Luckily enough "IRM" hasn't become a Beck-album even if here and there you hear some of those typical Beck lo-fi influences.
That's also what journalists are accusing her from, a lack of own style and the necessarily need from other musicians (on her former album Jarvis Cocker and Air were the colloborators).
Is "IRM" better than "5.55"? The best songs from Charlotte can be found on "IRM" but as a whole "IRM" is a lesser album though and that's mainly the fault from Beck who is the type of artist who think it's cool to deliver a half written song.
But then you have a gem like "Le chat du cafe des artistes" which is like father Serge has composed a song in heaven.
In all honesty, I should have been more happier if Charlotte colloborated once again with Air, but "IRM" is nontheless champagne for the ears.

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