Monday, March 22, 2010


Almost every day of the week you can pick up a free gig at the Video-venue in Gent and on a sunny Sundayevening (long time ago we could say that!) they invited a guy named Daniel Buerkner.
There might be tenthousands of guys named Daniel on this planet, but there's only one Squares On Both Sides.
So far this guy from Berlin released two albums "Dunaj" and the current one "Indication" that would be showcased tonight.
You can say what you want, but a man has to have balls to stand in a venue (which is more like a pub in fact) performing fragile songs that only have some noisescapes that can be used as the well known wall of sound he can hide himself behind.
How fragile his sound might be, he succeeded (even without asking) to obtain a concentrated audience which says something about the quality of the music.
Every reviewer will come up with different names to compare Squares On Both Sides with, on the net you will find most of the times references like Hood or Will Oldham.
Make with it what you want but I experienced this folktronica as some lo-fi Pavement.
Daniel is not ashamed to experiment on stage, if he pulls out an antique music box and cling it on his guitar then you might be wondering what he will be doing now but it's just like during the whole concert : if he starts something then you might be sure it ends up in being something quite magical.
Squares Of Both Sides is the type of band that you never will find in the traditional press and chances are even quite unexisting that he ever will reach a wide audience, but Daniel surely gave us a wonderful hour from his rich imagination.

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