Monday, February 1, 2010


A cold Sundayevening and there are no circumstances you wanna go outside at ten in the evening unless the newest Norwegian popsensation is coming to play!
Cos that's who Casiokids are : a really true popsensation. The venue was quite filled but that was no surprise as Casio Kids were already once in Gent for a free concert during the Gentse Feesten-festival and they had no problem to convince the crowd. And things are even better as Casio kids are the official support from Hot Chip during their forthcoming European tour.
Already from the start it's clear that these Norwegians are having the time of their life and that everything is a joke, so don't be surprised that during a song a member shows up in a monkeysuit. Due to their danceable beats the crowd immediately embraced them and still they are so much more than just an experimental popband cos everyone says (me included) that their vocals are very much like Sigur Ros. So I guess if you describe Casio Kids as Sigur Ros on a Daft Punk-beat you're hitting the nail on the head. If they ever come in your area then don't miss that.....

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