Sunday, February 28, 2010


After a decade of silence, Cocteau Twins-mistress Elizabeth Frazer is back on the musical front with a first solo-single.
If you have to be happy with the result is a different matter as this single features three versions (well, remixes) from the same song "Moses" which is dedicated to her friend Jake Drake-Brockman (the keyboardplayer from Echo & The Bunnymen) who lost his life in a tragical motorcycle accident.
After the dismiss of the Cocteaus, it was clear that Liz wanted different areas to explore, just remember what she did with Massive Attack.
It doesn't have to be repeated, this is not the Cocteau Twins, and even if you want it to be, don't forget you have only the voice left from 4-AD's best trio.
All by all, you can say "Moses" is nice and gentle pop that has its merits and Liz has the kind of voice you'll never get bored from.
But if you compare this of course with all the genius things they did in the 80's, then of course the question remains : did we had to wait ten years for this?

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