Monday, February 22, 2010


I can be quite emotional if it comes to music, some say too emotional but it's not my fault that one day I sold my soul to it. If there is one thing I hate then it must be the fact that some people say that today, that's 2010, there's no good music being made. Everything's that good has already been made...are you tired of that shit? Me too, the past was beautiful and there are about 80.000 albums made that I cherish but today counts too! And if you think not, then please stop reading as I don't even think you're worth being called a musiclover.
And which bands do you have to listen to then? I can be arrogant by saying : read my blog, but as this is about Memory Tapes I guess the most right answer right now must be Memory Tapes.
Don't be confused if you find on the net names like Memory Cassette or Weird Tapes because that were the previous names of this band.
I admit, with a band's name like that you expect some lo-fi bedroomartist who's pretending to be the next Daniel Johnston (that can be fine too, believe me) but the project from Philadelphia's Dayve Hawk is dancemusic but then dance in a rather melancholic way....
"Seek Magic" shows Memory Tapes at its most varied but it seems that they're quite influenced by the British dancescene from the early 90's. Sometimes it's pure New Order (listen to "Bicycle"), sometimes it's Saint Etienne, sometimes it's Leftfield, sometimes it's like 808 State are back, sometimes it's like Orbital never left this other words : it's delicious!
If you're from Belgium, note down in your diary that they'll play in Brussels at the Botanique on 5th March. If you're not from Belgium, I guess you check out their My Space-page as I'm not going to write down all their dates...

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