Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Wasn't there once a journo-term named stoolrock? I guess so, later it became lo-fi, a bit later it suddenly was folk again and they're all terms invented to describe how music sounds that's being made with an acoustic guitar.
Just that? Well, every troubadour can do that but the trick is with a minimum of objects keeping your audience in trance and that's what The Great Park definitely can.
The Great Park is the project from Stephen Burch, a guy who travelled from town to town, to end up in Ireland.
Suppose this was made in the 70's they would have referred his music to Cat Stevens, in 2010 it'll be Bon Iver or Bonnie Prince Billy, in other words indiefolk with attitude.
If you visit his website there are tons of links at where you can find free downloads (including the superb album "Jesswood recording"). During February and March 2010 there is a massive German tour planned, so if you live there...

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