Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Music is a nasty thing, the musicbiz even nastier because you must think about it how many great bands that are disappearing in the big unknown and even worse : tons of great bands that never reach the ears from people who wanna hear the music they'll love but never have the chance to...
This time I was lucky to come accross by the music from Clean Equations. The band started as the musical outburst from one man, Mike Nyhan, but he came in touch with another nice man Dan Hewitt. Not only was Dan the owner of the indielabel State Capital Records but there seemed to be some magic in the air as well. The duo became a band and to cut a boring story to an exciting one : Clean Equations were born like the band they're today.
Influenced by a million bands I guess they come close to the best stuff that's been made by bands like Sparklehorse, Swell, Mercury Rev and on a track like "Alison" I even heard echoes from The Chameleons. It's not important how you pigeonhole their music, it's just music that stays stuck in the head...

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  1. These guys are great. Thank you!