Sunday, February 7, 2010


There is a theory that says that great music has something to do with the financial climate the world is in, that's why the 80's were so great and at times quite depressive. Maybe it's true cause what I heard the last months from great bands is rather unbelievable and from now on you can add Class Actress to that wonderful list as well.
Class Actress is the solo-project from Elizabeth Harper who comes from Brooklyn. She describes her music as wave and really this is so true...
Imagine an ethereal poppy female voice on synths that comes from the debutalbum by Gary Numan and you already have an idea how Class Actress sounds like.
It's dancemusic for people who are not afraid to hide their feelings cause more than once melancholy peeps around the corner due to its dark synthsound.
Once you finished listening to this gorgeous stuff, you tend to think if you're not dealing with some hidden gem from 1983 but no it's made today. It moves your feet, your heart, your mind...your whole body I guess. If this damned world should have some honestly left then Elizabeth Harper should be a star, in my room she already is...

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