Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Why are all my current fave bands coming from America? I don't know, I used to dislike American indiemusic but it seems like I'm becoming a quite big fan from it these days....
Anyway, I don't care where a band comes from but what I do mind is that this band from Kansas are incredible cool. And yes these days everything is cool, but Restless Breed are ├╝bercool.
Their music is a totally crazy form of psyched out instrumental weird rock.
Is it progrock? Certainly not.
Is it Krautrock? Well, I guess Can-fans will like it, but Krautock it ain't.
What is it then? Well, I try....
Imagine Savage Republic with a Kraftwerksound mixed with the silliness of a Hawkwind-record. Does this makes sense? For me yes, but to judge music you need ears so run to their My Space-page, eat some mushrooms (or eat a candystick if you're a sober person), sit down in your chair, take your headphone and get into another world...a crazy world it is for sure, but I said it in the beginning...this is cool.

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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words, they are just what we needed to hear as it snows in Kansas and the temperature is -8C!

    Restless Breed