Monday, February 15, 2010


Some things can be too much like watching Clara Clara two times in a week!
I still have respect for their alternative loud lo-fi that lends a lot from Holland-punkers The Ex but in all honesty, this time I couldn't care less and for a while it seemed that the only persons who enjoyed these moments were Clara Clara themselves.
It's kind of weird that such bands end up being the support act from Delphic. You just shrug your shoulders by thinking they must be the sole band available...
Anyway, it seemed we survived the icy roads (at times it was rather nightmarish on the highway)so there we were : ready for Delphic.
Expectations were extremely high especially as they're the kind of band who are victimised by the curse of the press who declared after one week after New Year that "Acolyte" must be the album of 2010, and for some it was already a certain fact that Delphic are the future of pop.
"Acolyte", released on Polydor, is a great album that doubts if it wants to be a child from New Order, or a bastard son from Bloc Party but most important at times a band with a very own sound.
Not the greatest album of 2010, but an album to take care of.
The public must have received the hype-call cos as tiny the venue must be, the gig was sold out and for a band who has little or no radio-airplay that's already a victory.
From the moment they enter the stage, the band looks confident and as soon "Clarion Calls" opens their set, you realise you're dealing with a band who did this set a million times before.
They play almost the whole album but you don't feel any routine, you just see four guys who understand each other perfectly and you realise that it must be the last time you'll see them in a venue of such a size as these guys will be big one day, and knowing that their album reached N°8 in the British charts says enough...
They're sober, not arrogant just four guys who are confident in themselves, realising that their music is more than just a hype.
I could be wrong, I could be quote Lydon but I think Delphic will be around for quite some time.

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