Saturday, February 27, 2010


You can accuse me of many things and I don’t even mind if you do cuz he who’s not accused of anything does nothing.
And so it happened that I read the blog from one Mr Everett True (if you don’t know it by now, he’s the journalist who made Nirvana big) and if he loves something then it’s automatically a sort of click in the head that says : I wanna hear that too…
According to that legend (he call himself The Legend so that’s nothing new) I got introduced to a band named Las Kellies!
Las Kellies are from Argentinia and they make the most gorgeous punk I heard since???…The Shangri-La’s.
Are The Shanghri-La’s punk then? I never saw that on a jacket from some punk. Oh, go away they were more punk then Green Day will ever be and Las Kellies understood that quite well!
This is what I call punk rock, it’s very lo-fi, it jingles and it jangles but these three sexy ladies come up with the poppiest punksounds you can think of.
Will they conquer the world? That’s as stupid as asking if The Pope will ever shake his hips to a record by Unwound so I’m afraid the answer is “no” but come on…we’re living in modern times! Fifteen years ago, you have no wonder what you had to do to get some sounds from Argentinia, write a letter and hoping it wasn’t lost somewhere above the ocean but now you click and you have your sounds….
Anyway, swing the hips, pretend you’re a go-go dancer, put on a smiley face, you can even do some cooking in the kitchen but if you wanna be cool, get on the streets and grab some stranger by the shoulder and say : “Hey man, I know a genius Argentinian female punkband who will give you the time of your life”…if you get a smack on the face, blame me (that’s all I’m good for) but at least you tried to spread some important words…
Where can you find Las Kellies? In Argentinia haha…. But here too :

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