Friday, February 12, 2010


It is cool to live in Gent the last years, especially if you're a musicfan. PLenty of venues are organising on an almost daily base free gigs and since some years, the biggest venue of Gent (that's Vooruit) started it too.
Today was the entrance of a new French noiseband named Clara Clara. Is it the cold weather or is the fact that Clara Clara are an uncompromising band, I don't know but the venue looked empty and if there were people around then it were their die-hardsfans from France.
Clara Clara are a trio from Lyon and their life, our at least their musiclife, changed a lot when they saw the experiment punkband The Ex from Holland on stage. It makes a lot of sense as just like The Ex, Clara Clara are making indienoiserock that has an intense power that let your body tremble.
The three members do have an equal importance in the music, the weird keyboards from Amelie are producing the weirdest ping-pongnoises (think Kreidler, Trans Am), while the bass from Charles gives the band their distorted sound and finally there is Fran├žois who's acting like a madman with both his screamy vocals and loud drums.
Clara Clara are certainly not the most original noisemakers around, they're even far from being the best but how short their set might have been (35 minutes exactly) the adrenalinshoot they provoked did me good.
Just work a bit on your stageact as noise alone doesn't make you immortal...

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