Friday, February 5, 2010


It can be me (who else?) but the band's name of the week goes to The Ordinary Seaman cos let's face it, it can't be any cooler.
Songs from a loner on some boat, stupid carnivalsongs? If I tell you they have some releases out on Morc Records (one of Belgium's leading labels if it comes to lo-fi, and then I mean real lo-fi) you not only know you're dealing with quality but also with a band who has a lot of originality.
Pure to the bone you must say that the Ordinary Seaman is a singer-songwriterproject from Filip Gheysen but the guy does lots more. I'm judging on some tracks that can be downloaded for free on the Last FM-site (see under) but at one moment he's like Jonathan Richman and at other tracks (be sure you download the track "We're changing") it's like Fad Gadget is back on track.
What has Fad Gadget to do with singer-songwriting you say? Wouldn't know it myself, dear, but surely a band worth checking out...and hey, it's the first Belgian band I reviewed in ages!

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