Monday, February 15, 2010


I like unsigned bands. Why else would I make a fanzine about them? But I dare you to write something decent if you have nothing around... Not a biog, not some useless informations about how many switches there, you have absolutely nothing.
Just the band's name and a cd with some music, that's all you have to deal with.
Poor me, or is it a lucky me? ...cuz the music is after all great.
The band's name is Archetypo 120. Their music can be best described as an interesting mixture from post-punk and coldwave.
Basically you can accuse them for being not the most innovative lads around but who cares if they picked up the best bits from the 80's?
Think very early Cure, Joy Division (of course) and even some Virgin Prunes.
Throughout the netlabel Enough Records, Archetypo 120 have released a livealbum with two additional studiorecordings.
As for contact, for the moment now you'll have to do it with an e-mailaddress but write the man if you're interested and if you're into above music you even have no reasons not to write....
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