Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I don't think there couldn't be any better moment to restart my fanzine as now. It's unbelievable how many bands are exploring again the C86 indiesounds and shoegazing sounds.
For me it's even more strange to see that this movement seems to come from The States these days, not that I care where a band comes from but it's strange that the country who killed the indiescene (remember grunge) is now blowing again some life into the scene.
Singing Bridges are such a band, and yes they're from The States.
It's like someone earlier said : a perfect marriage from a Flying Nun-band and a K-Records band.
They're a trio (William, Christine, Tim) who believe in the power of the jingle-janglepop, so there's a bit of shoegazing (think The Nightblooms), think classic indie (think again The Wedding Present) and think of something sweet, so I guess The Heavenly are an option too.
On their latest EP "Three trains" you get five tracks from which "Sunny Day" is my fave but I admit that I'm a bit in love with Christine's voice...even if "Disappear" is also a contender as it comes quite close to the early sounds by House Of Love.
Some of the guys in the band are also involved in Skipping Stone Records, which is a DIY-label in the real DIY-sense.
Is there one reason you wouldn't check it out? Yeah, if you're a die-hard Def Leppardfan but I know you're not...

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