Sunday, February 7, 2010

CLASSIC ALBUMS THE WORLD FORGOT Fischer Z - Red skies over paradise

It might sound strange to you that I add this album in such a section but judging on the fact that I see this album on every stable on every fleamarket, it definitely means the British post-punkband Fischer-Z are totally forgotten.
Personally I think it's a shame that this band will be eternally linked to "So long" which is of course a classic with a capital c, but the band did so much more...this album in fact.
Fischer-Z isn't some German thing but it's a term taken from statistics and no, I needed Google for that, mind you.
The British band started their career in 1979 and they released three albums (World salad, Going deaf for a living) and this "Red skies over paradise" which saw its release in 1981.
Sadly enough it also was the end of the band but musically there was an enrichment of their sound with the added synths that let them sound a bit like early Sound, and just like Adrian's band they also had a song included about missiles.
It's a pity the band gave up because a song like "Battalions of strangers" was a hint that they were more than just the British Talking Heads.
Their sound was very characterised by the voice of John Watts who went later solo and also fronted The Cry.
At the end of the 90's Fischer-Z decided to do a come back but as you can guess, or maybe as you know : it never was the same as before.
Pity, but if you're on a fleamarket take the album with though...

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