Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The whole day I have the same thought spinning in my head : why do all these DJ's from all around the world throw all that dirt to us?
Tons of crappy chartstuff (pop isn't crap, okay) while the world keeps on breeding and breeding such genius bands.
Did I use the word genius? Yes, I did...and for once I even think I am not exagerrating cuz after The Triffids and The Church, it looks like I found another Australian band I wanna throw my arms around!!! Their name : The Jezabels...
The Jezabels are a brand new band from Sidney who just released their brilliant "She's so hard"-EP through Waterfront Records.
The first thing you do is fall in love with the incredible voice of Hayley,
sometimes bittersweet and at other times sharp as a knife.
It's damn difficult to pigeonhole the band, one moment you hear The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, then it's like The Sundays...then it's like Tegan & sara (who they already played the support from) but I guess you hear most The Jezabels, a band with an own voice.
Well every fanzine needs its first hype of the year, we decided today that The Jezabels won this award....

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