Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CLASSIC ALBUMS THE WORLD FORGOT Troy Tate - Ticket to the dark

On Facebook there's a page called "When I was your age MTV played music" and that's already where the problem starts. In 2010 there seems to be no space for music, let alone for the perfect popsong.
What's a perfect popsong? Difficult to describe, but it certainly ain't something by Lady Gaga, I swear!
A perfect popsong that must have a strong poppy melody, you must be able to dream away on it, you must have the remote control in your hands so you can push the repeat-button over and over, it must be perfect for your ears......
I guess the song "Love is" by Troy Tate is the perfect example of that. But who is Troy Tate, you say? Well, I guess that he's just like Edward Ball or Stephen Tin Tin Duffy one of those genius popsongwriters who should have topped the charts if there was any honesty in this world. The world ain't like that and so it happened that now Troy is totally forgotten, and that in the 80's he was as good as forgotten.
Tate might have been 'popular' as he was a member of The Teardrop Explodes during the "Wilder"-album. After two years he left the Liverpool-wunderband to concentrate himself on a solocareer from which this "Ticket to the dark"-album must have been the highlight.
"Ticket to the dark" is best to be compared...oh how typical...with the early soloworks from that other genius, Julian Cope. Twisted pop but never forgetting that it is actually pop. Despite the help of Teardrops-man David Balfe and avant-garde artist Virginia Astley, the album stayed obscure as hell.
Little footnote in pophistory : Troy Tate was the original producer for the debutalbum by The Smiths but Moz & C° were so dissapointed with it, that they rejected it and choose John Porter to record it for the 2nd time.

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