Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I was in doubt, would I classify Social Leisure Party among the unknown pleasures-section of this zine or among the albumreviews?
I choose for the albumsection as first of all it's a release on the acclaimed jingle-jangle indiepoplabel Shelflife Records and secondly this band features Andy Hitchcock and Kevin House.
Before you hide yourself behind some tree as you're blushing, let me tell you I didn't know it myself that these lads once used to be in a band called Action Painting!
But right now, every indiekid should now raise their finger by saying "Aha! That's the famous Sarah Records-band who never got famous anyway...".
True, and on this album (I am not going to retype that name, mind you!) our British friends just play the perfect 3 minute indiepoptrack.
I normally hate, and disagree, if a label starts making comparisons but this time they were right : imagine 80's post-punk à la The Monochrome Set, Orange Juice, Haircut 100 played with the freshness of...let's say THe Wedding Present during their "George Best"-years and you have your Social Leisure Party-album!
Nothing new, and it even won't be any bigger as Action Painting! but oh so great to listen to!

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