Thursday, February 18, 2010


You can do whatever you want with it but so far this year I have listened to some great albums.
A real nice surprise certainly was Everybody is in the French!, their album that got released on Cooking Vinyl and it let us remember the enjoyable sounds of bands like Girlfrendo or Pulp during their Fire-years, and like some mate recently added : Jonathan Richman!
It was a bit unexpected that this duo (on stage they have an extra-guitarist) were gigging in Brussels (who knows them?) I was doubting to go or not.
There was the distance and their debutalbum is after all 30 minutes long, but I decided to give it a go...and how proud I am of this decision!
The French resistance are fronted by the spectacular Eddie Argos (Art Brut) and his girlfriend Dylan Valdes (The Blood Arm).
Their aim is fixing the charts. What's that? Well, they like popmusic but they think the lyrics are some lies and they have to refine that...some victims (or lucky ones?)..."Jimmy Mack" by The Marvelettes, "My way" by Frank Sinatra, "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson....
Mind you, it are NOT covers. It's a sort of Fall-thing mixed with Disco Pistol, added with....every fine indiepopgroup around?
Entering the venue, it's clear that Belgium isn't ready for the French Resistance as I think 40 till 45 people were there, if not 39...
You really would be out of your mind thinking that this is a problem for Eddie. He plays the show like he's an untouchable star, standing in the middle of the public doing his songs and adding a joke with the needed satire after each song.
It was of course a bit predictable but the show was quite short, somewhere under the 40 minutes.
It makes you aching for more but I also said that it's better watching a good short show instead of a boring long one.
The sole thing that makes you bitter, at least me, is that you think it might be the first and last time this band can be seen in Belgium. I hope of the finest gigs I saw in last months!

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