Sunday, February 28, 2010

CLASSIC ALBUMS THE WORLD FORGOT Mark Burgess & The Sons Of God - Spring Blooms Tra La

2010 will definitely be the year in where not only I retook my old life (the one from a zinewriter, perhaps I end up old and lonely...who knows) but also the rediscovery of The Chameleons.
"Why?" is a question I can't answer myself, but since some years (not that many, mind you) I stopped listening to their music which is pretty strange especially as I see myself a very huge fan from Manchester's finest, or is that The Fall?
Like every devoted fan I bought all those special releases (most of them on Imaginary Records) and you're happy as you have so many stuff from a band who basically only recorded 3 albums (if you don't count their comebackalbums).
In the 90's Mark Burgess, the leadsinger from The Chameleons, went solo with Yves Altana.
It's a bit like with his mate, and my other hero, Adrian Borland, as it took some time before I got into their solo-albums... It's only normal I guess, cos you're hoping or waiting for another Chameleons-record but it's a solo-album.
With this "Spring Blooms Tra-La" (a very stupid name, I know) it was totally different as on this double CD (well, it was a single one that had a bonus disc) you can hear the liverecording from Mark doing a whole set of Chameleons-tracks.
Solo is a big word, as not only he was backed by Yves, but there was John Lever (the original Chameleons-drummer) as well.
If you think aboutit, this was like the foreplay of the forthcoming Chameleons-reunion.
What makes this album so special is that there are some songs on here that never were played live by The Chameleons (like "The Healer" which was featured on the collectable "Tony Fletcher walked on water"-EP) or classic Chameleons-song that are differently played.
I rank this album between the lost classics as I don't think there are that many people, even Chameleonsfans, who own it.
It was released, and I think it's still available, on the German wave-gothiclabel Strange Ways Records.

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