Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I really do love synthpop, how could I not if the soundtrack of my youth were bands like Heaven 17, Ultravox or The Twins? Since years synthpop still exists (and there are more bands than you think) but everything is now in the underground which is a bit of a shame as many of these bands could give the charts the glam it needs.
But you have to take life as it is, and so it happens that "Without making noise" by Oblique ended in my cdplayer and the first thing that came up in my mind was that stupid, but unanswerable question : why do people dig crap like Lady Gaga while they have bands like Oblique? Call it ignorance, call it unawareness but above all : call it a shame.
Oblique are Sonja (vocals & lyrics), Gonzalez (synth & programming) and Linn (bass & synth) and they're coming from Spain. "Without making noise" is their debut and the greatest thing is that they are loyal to their heroes (which are obvious Human League, Visage, John Foxx, early OMD) but they develop that sound into an own thing which makes me stand above many other synthpop/futurepopbands who are in fact, nothing but a copy from Depeche Mode.
An 80's feel with a modern sound added with heavenly female vocals, does that remind you of Ladytron or Client? It will but that's mainly due to Sonja's excellent voice.
Hundred words just to say that you must hear Oblique if you are into synthpop, futurepop or whatever pop it is, but perfect pop comes most close to Oblique!


  1. From Spain. It a great band and a great record.

  2. Amazing sound and band!