Wednesday, February 10, 2010


A man and a woman isn't that a bit like The White Stripes? Of course not, The Carpenters were a man and woman too and they weren't the f**** White Stripes either.
I call that lazy journalism and I think it's a pity that every reviewer (with the exception of the Godlike Everett True) refers to them.
Of course is the music from this American duo extremely dirty, so expect no neat production but a garagesound that comes close to Dead Moon.
Any other wise twat who thinks he can add PJ Harvey too can go to hell.
I love PJ, I adore her and at times she's my fave female God, but are we really coming to the point that every woman with balls will be compared with her?
Is there anything else that can be said about them? A stupid name?
Well, it's a fun-thing cuz the frontwoman is called Jessica Larrabee.
She Keeps Bees is the kind of band that let me have my belief in music, imagine dirty folkrock with the darkness of Nico, the power of early Fleetwood Mac (I said early so don't start joking) it blues for desperate kids who are staring at their Iggy Pop-posters. Kids staring at their Iggy Pop-posters????

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