Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Why have I decided in this life to review bands? Especially the unsigned, the little ones... They are the hardest to describe, you're forced to pigeonhole them as the public doesn't know them and they're expecting to have some sort of guide...but what if you can't pigeonhole a band?
Okay, blame the reviewer then and praise the band for its originality cause that's the headache We Are Jawbone are giving me.
Formed in early 2009, in Glasgow sir!, they declared that they're the Sensational Alex Harvey Band for the Quentin Tarantino-generation...and now it's up to you to say something.
We are Jawbone sounds a bit goth (well, if you agree that The Damned are goth), post-punk (think The Fall before 1985), punk (the attitude alone is punk as punk can be) and glam without the glambullshit just because Joe is a singer who isn't afraid to be on the forefront (why else would you be a singer?).
I like them, they got the attitude, the spirit, the songs ("Somebody up there likes me" haunts me after one hearing), ... perfect band, then? Come on, you wouldn't believe me anymore if I wrote this down, but perfect enough to click on your mouse to hear their songs....

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