Monday, February 22, 2010


Ever heard the term panda-punk? Nope? Well, it's punk being played by panda bears. I see you shake your head, I see you think it's time you won't keep on reading these pages as a straightjacket must be send to Belgium.
Well, dear beloved friends, there is a band in Birmingham that has to be blamed for that, not me.
The band's name? The Benwahs! OK, the first thing I thought was : "Well, if they're so obsessed with pandas why don't they call themselves The Pandas?" but they've chosen we go again...The Benwahs.
The Benwahs are making female fronted punk that has as much respect for the oldies (Penetration for instance) as they have for bands like Pansy Division or so.
Their music is honest, straight and the essence of it all : it rocks, in fact it rocks quite good!!!
On their My Space-page you can hear quite some songs (what else can you do on My Space?) and my tip is : "Wanna scream"...those guitars, man!!!!, so good I played that track three times in a row!!!!

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