Thursday, February 25, 2010


Are we going to feature all the shoegazing bands there are, you think? Why not....
It must be one of my fave genres and if a band sounds like this (there are tons of bands these days who are into shoegazing these days) then I'm up for it!
Whirl are coming from California and if you think they're all singing David Lee Roth-songs (which I don't hope for California) then you're wrong, these lads are having bands like Lush or Slowdive as examples.
No, it's true...there's nothing new going on here. This demo could have been made in 1991, but what's the problem?
There are times in my life that I'm sitting in my room crying for wishing it'd be 1991 again!, not only for the music of course....but how long were we waiting to have a follow up from My Bloody Valentine's "Loveless"?
Now, you have something like a copy and a rather good one...
The good news is that on their page you can download their demo for free!

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