Monday, February 1, 2010


Why is it so that today so many bands are sounding like Jesus & Mary Chain in their "Psychocandy"-days? I don't f**** care but if I read that a band describes their music like the one from someone who watched too much MTV's 120 Minutes in 1991 then they can only be cool, not?
Cool they are.... What a sound these lads from Michigan have. For all those who must spoil the fun by saying that it's old school shoegazing (in fact does this term exists?), I only have one message : if this world allows 10000 copies from The Beatles, then you must allow 1000 copies from My Bloody Valentine.
Make 'em stars, bring back the days from Moose, Chapterhouse, Curve, Kitchens Of Distinction, Nightblooms and put Crash City Saints on 120 Minutes. Oh that's true, today they only show Paris Hilton. Paul King and Miles Hunt, where art thou???

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