Sunday, February 7, 2010


It looks like Trix in Antwerp is becoming the venue (along with Botanique of course) that organises concerts from well known bands for affordable prices, so thumbs up for that…a ticket cost 12 Euro where as in Germany, as told by a friend, they ask the double of it.
But this isn’t about economics, this is about music!
But first we had to suffer Simplesongs, a band from Antwerp. It’s not my idea of fun to take the piss out of beginning bands but this time it really felt like a lo-fi version from Christopher Cross and as this already means that it was the kind of music that can make me hate music, we’ll leave it to that.
And then there was Brett. The big question of course is as usual : will he play Suede-songs or not?
Most of us knew the chance was like winning the right numbers out of the lottery because on previous shows in Germany he didn’t plus there is the soon to be happen reunionconcert (one time only) at the Royal Albert Hall.
Somewhere it is a bit without respect if you’re longing to hear his old stuff but then again Suede was such a special band, for me and others. Everybody likes Brett’s solostuff but I’m sure that deep down in the heart of the fans there’s a light that’s aching for Suede.
That having said, if you feel at the end of the gig that you haven’t missed the Suede-songs I guess you can only speak of a perfect gig.
Whereas on his previous tours, Brett was having some ex-members from Suede on stage he now was backed with a bunch of new people who gave the sound of Brett’s music the release of the Suede-curse.
With a collection of songs that’s been spread out of the 3 albums, Brett played the ultimate indiestar. From the moment he moves his hips, the crowd go crazy and just like any dandy he’s happy to be in the spotlight and shaking hands with the fans in the front.
Mr Brett Anderson is the sort of entertainer that can’t bore you, he has the looks, he has the voice, he certainly knows dancing and above all, he knows what emotions are like in this world. The venue which was quite packed (more than on his first show in Belgium) and they all went awol and were overenthusiastic to see an old hero back.
Next time I’ll be there too and I even don’t wanna think about the fact that he’ll do Suede-stuff or not and that’s the greatest compliment you can give him I guess…

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