Thursday, February 18, 2010


The times where Russia is linked to crapartists like Ivan Rebroff or Tatu (even if I liked 'em) are definitely over.
The Russian underground lives and over there, they listen to great music as well.
One of the finest (perhaps the finest!) bands that I've heard from Russia must be Was She A Vampire though.
They describe their music as brain distortion but the music is like the missing link between Jesus & The Mary Chain and Joy Division.
But we heard this before, you say. In some way, you did but not enough and certainly not enough by bands like Was She A Vampire.
Despite the band's name this has nothing to do with goth (even if their music is quite dark) but it's made for fans from bands like Coldcave and A Place To Bury Strangers! Editors, eat your heart out!!!!!
On their My Space-page, you can find a link where you can download their EP for free. Do it!

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