Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The shoegazing scene is alive and kicking, that’s a fact no one can deny but it’s only a fact too that it is a very undergroundthing and therefore it’s a real strange phenomenom to see that the music by Asobi Seksu is released by one of the bigger indielabels, One Little Indian.
Not that Asobi Seksu are a new band as they made their first releases was recorded in 2001 albeit under a different name : Sportfuck, but they soon changed it to the even bizarre Asobi Seksu.
Basically they’re a duo (Yuki Chikudate and James Hanna ) and “Hush” is the third album from this American band who call their music dreampop, but these days dreampop is an equivalent of shoegaze.
Anyway, dreampop it certainly is as this sound reminds you of the later stuff by Cocteau Twins, the debut from Slowdive and we could keep making this list an endless one as they have something in common with every band who are making the shoegazingsound.
Not original, then? It’s how you see it, I guess.
Pure technically, it might be true that they do nothing new but if you’re looking for dreamy popsoundscapes with ethereal female vocals combined with heavenly guitars, then you’re in good hands….

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