Thursday, February 11, 2010


How many times have I reviewed a band from Buenos Aires? Must be the first time....
What do I know about the Argetinian musicscene? Absolutely nothing....
And I guess it must be a shame, but then again I guess not every band from Argentinia are sounding like My Bloody Valentine.
I am convinced (or at least I hope so) that the band will embrace me if I say their music sounds like the lost tracks from My Bloody Valentine's "Isn't it anything" you never heard.
Or who knows Kevin Shields lives these days in Argentinia?
The next silly question can be that you think I'm mad that you have to go to Argentinia to get their EP. You don't have to go as now there's the internet and on their My Space you can download their latest EP for free.
So come on, if you're into shoegazing (whatever that might mean!) you should already have their tracks in their home!
Genio de la musica! (I used Google for that)

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