Saturday, February 27, 2010


And now a band from Spain, or aren't they???
No they're not, it was one of my stupid jokes but sometimes stupid jokes can be funny anyway...
Los Campesinos (Spanish for peasants) are a outfit from Cardiff
(but none of them are actually Welsh) whose music has already been described as avant-garde hardcore. Whoever the genius might be who came up with such a ridiculous term can go and order his place at the local asylum as this is nothing more than your usual indiestuff, only a bit different.
"Romance is boring" is already the third release from them and once again on Wichita.
Wichita always has been a label that likes uncompromising bands and that's what Los Campesinos definitely are. On this album you can find 15 tracks which are at first listen a collection of noises that comes from everywhere and it's even difficult to find a melody, and this stays so after a second...perhaps even after an eighth listen.
And yet, this is no art bullshit or so as they never forget the main factor : it has to be fun! Or perhaps it's the Welsh water....
"Romance is boring" is certainly not a masterpiece, it's even not a very good album and that's because it feels like you're listening to some bad compilationtape. There is no coherent line between the songs and sometimes you are wishing that their sound isn't all that chaotic.
Does it mean that indiebands must stay loyal to their indiesound then? Far from it, that has been proven this year by Those New Puritans...

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