Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Something I wanna do in this fanzine is featuring albums from which I think that they're a masterpiece but somehow the world seems to cease all interest. But that's the world, and the world always has been unfair...not that I think I'm better than the world, or am I?
Fifteen years ago there was a musicchannel called MTV. Funny I must add musicchannel cos now it's all Jackass, Pump my ride or any other stupid show that features the dumb ass from Paris Hilton.
There was also a musicprogramme around called "120 Minutes", later it became "Alternative Nation" and it was presented by Paul King (yes, the one from Love And Pride)and Miles Hunt. In these days they showed every week the most f***-up song I could think of these days, "Chasing a bee" by Mercury Rev.
Little did I know that eight years later this band should turn out to be one of the biggest American acts ever. But how great they are now, they never sounded so desperate as in those early days. "Yerself is steam" was their debut and kind of a cultsuccess, especially because of the appearance from singer David Baker. After the 2nd Mercury Rev-album "Boces", Baker got enough from their psychedelic outfits (the band sounded more and more like their friends Flaming Lips) and he formed Shady, but no one would listen.
"Yerself is steam" is after all these years one of my fave American records of all time, it sounds like the screaming help of an insane lunatic and when I saw Mercury Rev on stage I was kind of right by my opinion as Baker must be one of the weirdest people I ever saw, during the whole set as he was crawling on hands and knees through the public...imagine that!
If you think Mercury rev are the most bittersweet band ever, then check this one out!!!!

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