Thursday, February 4, 2010


Do you know The Beloved? "Of course we do, you silly Belgian, we danced the whole night to "Hello" and "The Sun Rising", do you think we're idiots?" I hear you say. And you're right but that was when The Beloved were a duo (John Marsh and Steve Waddington) and got bitten by the Madchester-scene.
When they started out in 1983, The Beloved were not only a quartet but they made totally different (better) music. Apart from some 12"inches (that are all included on here), the sole material they have is this album "Where It Is" that's been released on Flim Flam in 1989.
It was already back then a sort of retrospective because The Beloved were never praised (and later only by a handful of people) for their melancholic wavepop that came close to The Chameleons, New Order or even The Sound.
Dramatic lyrics, waveguitars, the usual 80's wave drummachine and melodies that stick in your head. It wouldn't surprise me that today the members see it as some sin of youth who are even ashamed of it. But if you're into 80's wavepop this album must be part of your collection though, one of the sounds that formed my youth...yeah, and see what has become of me...41 and bounded to a pcscreen mumbling about some obscure 80's band...

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