Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Since the last years Italy has become one of the most important countries if it comes to goth. Just imagine bands like Kirlian Camera or The Frozen Autumn, and you know Italy is on the forefront of the scene.
A bit lesser known is Demian Ashes, but he can be added to that famous list without any doubt.
Demian Ashes is apart from being a polyinstrumentalist (he does everything by himself, except on stage of course) but he's also a real workaholic.
Last winter he not only made two albums ("Resurrection" and "Eternity") but 2010 will see the release of two other albums.
Demian is the sort of goth-artist who can't be pigeonholed to one particular style, of course it's all dark (what do you expect from a gothproject anyway?) but it's as much old school (then I'm thinking of Bauhaus, London After Midnight) as new school (then I'm thinking of Diary Of Dreams, and at times even Clan Of Xymox so that makes it more than good).
Despite the many names that you can read here, you'd be wrong by thinking that Demian Ashes is copying these bands.
He just picks up the best bits and like a troubadour of dark sounds he wanders through different woods that sometimes is a bit industrial dance and at other moments melodic goth rock.
To be checked out by everyone who is into dark sounds.

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