Saturday, February 6, 2010


Does it makes sense to review an album that's already been 6 months old? I guess so regarding the fact that Polly Scattergood mainly gained masses of good critical acclaims but for some reason it hasn't reached the public yet...
Just like one boy named Mozart, Polly discovered the art of playing piano when she was 4 trying to ape the songs by Suzanne Vega.
Not another singer-songwriter who thinks she's the new Joan Baez I hear you scream! Polly's not that kind of girl...and especially not if you know she's been discovered by Daniel Miller, the boss from Mute.
Polly is a 22 year old girl from Essex who tries to combine classic singer-songwriter (think Kate Bush, Tori Amos) with modern electronic sounds (think Warp).
Once the album's finished you can't say your day's getting better cos in none of the songs is Polly avoiding the hard way. Dark songs covered with an ethereal voice and haunting electronics, makes her music a must have.

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