Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The year has just started and some people already have their album of the year. Personally I think it's ace if people create hypes cause it keeps the musicscene kind of vivid. Anyway, for some it is clear that These New Puritans deserves this title.
The first thing you must forget is their rather brilliant debut "Beat Pyramid" that sounded like these lads from Southend-on-Sea were the new Fall. But instead of being the next E Smith, frontman Jack Barnett declared that he wanted his band to be dancehall meets Steve Reich.
Art-rock then? Yes sir, there aren't that many indiesounds to be found on their 2nd album and already from opener "Time Xone" you're drown into some neo-classical thing.
It's a sort of upbeat thing that lends its sound from 80's art-rockpioneers like In The Nursery (I kid you not), Tuxedomoon or Philip Glass.
The question that's on everyone's lips is of course if it's any good. Being myself a massive Wire-fan I immediately shout yes as I am the kind of guy who likes it when musicians are taking their music over the edge.
In all honesty, to quote Colin Newman's words I guess it is commercial suicide as I can't see the crowd going ape over this kind of music.
But as I never wanna be part of the crowd, "Hidden" is for me one of the highlights of the year which makes me also part of another crowd, not?

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