Thursday, February 18, 2010


The world is totally unfair and even cruel. That's something we have to deal with I guess, the sole question left is do we ever accept it or not?
Take White Town for instance. For some he's a one-hit wonder as he scored that massive N°1-hit "Your woman", whereas for others (I'm one of those) for whom White Town aka Jyoti Mishra is one of those many so-called bedroomartists whose music incidentally got played by a DJ and the public went for a moment : "Hey, this is not as the daily shit we buy or hear", and so it happens that the undergroundartists score a monster hit, but it also happens that the artist dissapears....
That's what happened with White Town, EMI soon found out that "Your Woman" was the sole thing they could get their profit from and Jyoti ended soon on the pavement, back in the bedroom in a manner of speaking.
Anyway, Jyoti is still around and on his latest EP he still sounds like the lost son from Bob Wratten, a troubadour for the heartbroken kids.
For those who wanna hear how White Town sounds these days (in fact just like he did 10 years ago) you can download Jyoti's latest EP on his website, for free...he's just doin' it for the kids...

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