Sunday, February 21, 2010

CLASSIC ALBUMS THE WORLD FORGOT Excuse 17 - Such friends are dangerous

Everybody (well not everybody, a handful of people more like) are talking about the Riot Grrrl-movement but it strikes me that it's mostly Bikini Kill, Babes In Toyland or L7 and then it's mostly followed by a big silence.
I am a massive fan from Bikini Kill, but a band who are at least as good as Kathleen's noisemakers are Excuse 17.
Excuse 17 were a trio consisting of Carrie Brownstein, Becca Albee and CJ Phillips.
After having released some material on tiny labels like Atlas Records and Chainsaw Records, their 2nd album "Such friends are dangerous" was released on the motherlabel from the Riot Grrrl-scene, Kill Rock Stars.
Their music had all the best bits from the Riot Grrrl-scene, but they were more than just messengers, the direct DIY-indierock was influenced by emorock and that resulted in haunting melodies, not forgetting that you were dealing with a Kill Rock Stars-band which indicates that yopu also have the usual jingle-jangle garagesound.
Excuse 17 toured a lot with Heavens To Betsy (another forgotten Riot Grrrl-band)and so it happened thatCarrie fell in love with Corin Tucker from Heavens To Betsy, the two decided to start...Sleater-Kinney, and the rest is history as they so, and so was Excuse 17.

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