Friday, February 12, 2010


There must be at least 15000 bands around who are making indie jingle-janglepopmusic, Bonfire Kids are just one of them.
Perhaps 100 people on this globe know who this Californian duo are, perhaps 101...don't have a counter, but I do know that if a band says that they're influenced by The Field Mice, Belle & Sebastian or Echo & The Bunnymen then they must be good.
Caleb Graham and Robert Spear had different releases out on various bedroompoplabels (Best Kept Secret from Italy is one of them I think) and it's all very lo-fi (and not because they wanna sound shitty, just because they don't have the expensive equipment)and amateuristic but that's what jingle-jangle is all about, not?
Could be on Sarah Records I guess, could even be a N°1 but I guess it'll be like that Sparks-song : number one in heaven....

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