Thursday, February 4, 2010

CLASSIC ALBUMS THE WORLD FORGOT Television Personalities-And don't the kids just love it

One of the most genius bands this world ever knew were without any doubt Television Personalities. It's difficult to say which style the Personalities were making but it's certainly a fact that, without wanting it I guess, they were one of the bands who created the founding stones for what once would be known as indierock. The later obsession from Creation-boss Alan McGee, says enough about that.
Television Personalities were a band who had every time a different line-up but the main characters were Dan Treacy and Edward Ball who left after 3 albums to form his own band, The Times.
After having released their legendary debut "14th Floor" and the "Where's Bill Grundy now"-EP the Television Personalities released their first album "And don't the kids just love it" (Rough Trade) with the well known Avengers on the cover.
This album features 14 classic tracks that can be best described as Billy Bragg with an upbeat-tempo. The similarities with Bragg aren't that silly cos just like the anarchic singer-songwriter the Personalities looked down on the cruel Thatcher politics.
This album features many timeless tracks like "I know where Syd Barret lives", "Silly Girl", "Geoffrey Ingram" or "Parties in Chelsea".
Sometimes a tear, sometimes a cry, sometimes a dance that's how you can describe Television Personalities. The last decades were for Dan a real nightmare, not only did he suffer many health problems but he was homeless for several times.
With Ed Ball it went a better way even if his solo-album (released on Creation) is one of the most overlooked albums ever. An album you can't live without it, at least I can't...

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