Thursday, February 11, 2010

CLASSIC ALBUMS THE WORLD FORGOT The Clientele - Strange Geometry

If you want I can fill this blog with clssic indiepopalbums nobody cares about till the day I'm die, who knows I will do that...
Anyway, The Clientele are such a typical band that only a handful of people are aware of and you happen to think that they are so much better than all those overhyped shitbands you turn off from the moment you heard a first song by.
The Clientele were (or are?, as they had a release out in 2009 ) a duo from Hampshire.
The legend says that the two came together by seeing the name of indiepopgods Felt being written on each other's pencilcase.
The skeletons from the band (as usual some people come and go) are Alasdair MacLean and James Hornsey.
I recently wrote a review in where someone was referring to the TVseries "Happy Days" and with having that mind, it's no wonder that bands like these aren't picked up by the public as this is the greatest bullshit I read, well...., this evening.
The music from The Clientele refers perfectly to 80's indiepoptroubadours like Pale Fountains, Aztec Camera or Orange Juice.
I just picked out this third album (it was released on Merge, haven't they also released stuff by Magnetic Fields?) as it has some Belgian references....
Well, there is the cover which is a painting by Paul Delvaux but there's also the colloboration from the Belgian jazz-guitarist Louis Philippe who some of you might know from his works on Elefant Records.
"Strange Geometry" are all songs about some K, a love that's been lost and after 12 songs you realise the lover is desperate for having the love of his life lost...a desperate cry packed in pure indiepopsongs well well....

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