Saturday, February 20, 2010


Does anyone remember the days The Conspiracy were on the cover of The Original Sin? Some people do I guess, and look ten years later they're still around. But then again, The Conspiracy and The Original Sin were always a sort of inseparable friends.
This London duo (Duncan Pope and Dave Bell) know the underground as their pocket.
Back then The Conspiracy were the best selling act on Mick Magic's Music & Elsewhere-tapelabel (where are the times?) and even if it was only by a handful of people, you can be sure that it were people who cared about their music.
To be quite honest, I'm not that proud to feature them again on these pages as they were unknown ten years ago and now I have to shout it from the rooftops, once again : listen to The Conspiracy!!!
Since the years of silence (I mean the silence from The Original Sin), The Conspiracy had a mini-CD out on Jar Music and a full one (Caged) on the now defunct Gallipoli Records-label.
And now is that question, how do they sound like?
For someone like me, the answer's quite simple : The Conspiracy sound like The Conspiracy but for the common reader who isn't used to read fanzines, it's kind of different.
One day, Duncan and Dave will kill me for it or perhaps giving me a beer for it (who knows?) but I still think that they're sounding like the best bits of Blur and believe me, Blur do have best bits. But that's pigeonholing for the pigeonholing sake. No one's saying that julian Cope sounds like Ian McCulloch.
The Conspiracy are the sort of band who play indierock melted with some electronic sounds but rather than being the next new hipsters they have an immense respect for what's being made in musichistory and you can hear that.
If you wanna find out more about The Conspiracy, you better drop a line to
I don't know that in times of internet, there are still people out there who releases stuff on do you call tapelabels now???? better know that The Conspiracy are always interested.

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