Monday, February 8, 2010


“Born again revisited” is the third album by Times New Viking who seem to have become the new darling by the undergroundpress. The fact that this release is out on Matador certainly will bring them more under the spotlights than many others.
Their earlier releases were on Slitbreeze, and that’s not the kind of label that hip journalists are wanna be associated with. Anyway, according to the band is this album their most “acceptable” one as their earlier material is raw lo-fi.
People who aren’t used to hear bands like Thee Milkshakes or so will raise their eyebrows immediately as this album sounds like some dodgy tape that you found in a forgotten box.
Their sound is very garagerock-like, it’s extremely dirty, screaming female vocals and a typical organsound that makes you think of Velvet Underground or Electric Prunes.
The big question is of course : is it good? I surely have heard better (the whole catalogue from Kill Rock Stars for instance) but “Born again revisited” is the kind of record that shows its beauty after a couple of plays.

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