Saturday, February 27, 2010


From the moment I entered at the Trix-venue I felt like I was in a set from Tim Burton-movie, everybody was dressed up like they were part of some fairy tale. It was even funnier to see that the main part of the audience were 14-year old girls who were wandering around with a wedding dress and a teddy bear in the hand, it definitely looked like Emilie Autumn were the Tokyo Hotel for the lost children.
A sold out venue and in no way I was aware that Emilie Autumn was that popular.
Her main work consists of the mediocre “Opheliac”-album which has now been reissued as a deluxe-edition.
Luckily enough there was no support act (I say this because most support acts at the Trix venue suck so much, you end up thinking where they do find them) but that was due to the fact that Emilie’s show is more like some theaterperformance.
Before they entered the set, the audience were bored (well, I was bored anyway) with songs from the Disney-cartoon “Alice in Wonderland” and as soon as Emilie and her four comprades got on stage, it seemed that this would be something totally different.
Emilie is joined by four girls are each a strange phenomenom themselves (there’s a travestite, there’s one who is into SM…), not exactly the stuff you want to give to your 14 year old daughter.
The gig lasted two hours but it was 90 minutes too long. After each song there were dull conversations about the art of sex (never in a vulgar way though) and the show was more important than the music itself.
Can we talk about music anyway? Apart from a violin (she used it once and she’s known as an ultimate violin-player, so get that!) and a harpsichord, all music was prerecorded.
The music from Emilie Autumn seems to be a bizarre mix from Tori Amos and American nu-gothic, in some songs it works but they never were trying hard as they must have thought that the image conquers all.
Emilie Autumn wants to be schocking but then in a Barbieway. When one of her dancers invited two minor girls to join her on stage and share with her a lesbian kiss, it might be provoking but it doesn’t save the poor music.
The crowd soon divided in two : the die-hard screaming teenage girls and people like me who were hoping that they finally would play some decent music instead of the fairy tale-crap.
The most funny thing came at the end of the evening when parents could enter free and picked up the last songs while waiting for their daughter, you saw in their eyes a scary view that said : “What has to become of our Melanie when she adores such things?”.
I’m sure Melanie might be different, but she’ll be left with a poor musical taste.

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