Saturday, February 27, 2010


For those who lived in some cave, Soap & Skin is the project from Anja Plasch, a woman from Austria who is more and more linked to the ethereal darkness from Nico.
If you have heard the amazing debut "Lovetune for Vacuum" you will agree that this is far from being an exagerration as Anja has that seep deep nasal voice and not one second you're in heaven.
Just like Nico's music, Soap & Skin are entering the dark entries of the mind and what you see is far from being pleasant but it works like a magical light you can't get away from.
In various interviews Anja told that she likes to do her music in various ways and that's what you're getting on this EP.
The opening song "Thanatos" stays in its true version and it's one of the best tracks from the album but with the other remaining tracks you'll discover Soap & Skin in an other dimension.
It are two different mixes from "Marche Funebre" (one by DJ Koze, the other one by Yrasat) and it shows how varied Anja can be, from experimental noise to a jazzy David Lynch-atmosphere even if I must add that I prefer her "original style" though. But where as remixes are somewhere the most unnecessary innovations in musichistory (who wants to listen to an EP that features 5 bloody remixes?), for Soap & Skin it's a sort of platter from what she's able to.

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