Wednesday, February 24, 2010


"Here's our music, enjoy it, but you don't have to review it" wrote Tim from this Philadelphia-based band.
Well well, or Tim is too nice or just not enough self-confident but Factors Of Four need to be reviewed.
Why? Oh, I can put it in simple words : because Facts Of Four make delicious lo-fipunk that sounds like some mixture from Heavens To Betsy, early Pavement and Velocity Girl (if someone remembers them).
Not one tune of them is perfect played in a technically sense but it's just that jingle-jangle lo-fipunk that makes their music irresistible, it's dead sexy if singer Naomi sings out of tune...I mean let this be produced by someone , well someone who can produce, and it won't be a worth a penny to listen to but now it's as great as something on Kill Rock Stars.
Two minute punkpopsongs while doing the cooking (not that I ever do) but you have to do something while shaking the hips, not?
On their My Space-page you can download their full album (Grown on me) and their current EP (Whoa!) for free...yup, read backwards, no mistake...for free!

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