Sunday, January 31, 2010


For the next band we have to move to Finland. In fact, do we know much about the Finnish musicscene? Not really, but this has changed from today on because Cats On Fire are exactly what I expect from music.
Not that these guys do anything new but I'm just a sucker if it comes to irresistible indie-jinglejanglepop that is linked to the C86-movement. I always said that Cats On Fire sound like if Paul Weller would have had a recorddeal with Sarah Records and I'll stick to that. It's the ultimate soundtrack for people who can't get enough from the sound The Wedding Present made on "George Best" all added with a dreamy pop touch.
So far the band have released an EP and two albums, but for a full discography you better watch their website at where you can hear plenty of songs and watch some videos too! Something for genuine indiekids!

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